Family happiness, futuristic crime fiction, historical fiction: A bit of everything

February 2- 8

The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness

So I totallimg_7251y bought this book because I loved the cover. It started out as a light read, but I was completely pulled into the main character’s life as an adopted woman who finds out
she has a sister, and then begins to look for her birth mother. The story explores the different ways we belong in, and create, families throughout our lives. The characters are endearing but very real, and this book completely spoke to me.

Exploded View

Set in Los Angeles in 2050, this police procedural feels eerily accurate. In a world where people are constantly immersed in visual and virtual information transmitted through accessories, few experience the world in its raw state. I found the issues around fake news and setting up your own ‘bubbles’ of information fascinating given current events. The historical events between now and then were plausible, in a terrifying way. I loved the attention to detail, the characters, and the whole world of solving mysteries with a huge range of technological advantages at your fingertips—or in your glasses even.

The Ballroom

The cover of this book also was instantly compelling to me, and the story was haunting and beautiful. The tale of two lost souls who end up in an asylum, and find, then lose, each other again, had me staying up late and waking up early to read. The historical elements were on point, and the humanity of the characters was deeply moving. I loved everything about the story.