The Wind and the Wolves

February 23-March 1

Tell the Wolves I’m Home is the lovely coming of age story of a girl who has lost her beloved uncle to AIDS, set in 1987. It’s fascinating and horrifying to see how people dealt with HIV—and those who were ill—not so very long ago. June’s story is difficult, but hopeful, and kept me engaged from start to finish.

I had picked up Before the Wind: A Novel in Canada on a trip some time ago, and it had languished in the tbr pile for a long while. Jim Lynch tells the story of a difficult and challenging family living in the Pacific Northwest.

As a psychologist friend once told me, a sailboat’s just a mechanism for a journey.

Perhaps, but from my mother’s vantage, a sailboat is a mechanism for transferring the motion of wind into the motion of water. The wind pushes the boat, the boat pushes the water.

The sailing aspects of the story were beautifully written, and accurate—which was excellent. Details of marina life, and boating characters, were amusing and rang true. The characters were so real to me I wanted to find out what they were doing now. Great story.