Women in art, in novels

March 30-April 5

The Woman on the Stairs

My books were all about art this week somehow. The Woman on the Stairs is a very interesting exploration of a painting of a woman, and the men who were involved. Lots of interesting twists and turns in the story, which examines the ownership of art and what it means (resonating this week in discussions about the bull and the girl statues on Wall Street) and follows the enigmatic woman of the portrait in a mysterious journey across the world.

A Piece of the World: A Novel

I had this print on my wall at university for many years,  so it was fascinating to read this fictionalized account of Christina’s life in this excellent novel by the author of Orphan Train. I live near Chadd’s Ford, and had recently been to see the museum dedicated to the work of the Wyeths, which made this even more relevant to me. I love the author’s writing style; she brought the characters to life in a real and sympathetic way, while also exploring the development of the portrait.

The Joy of Less

In yet another of my annual attempts to spring clean, I’m reading this book about how to make do with less. Many of the ideas are resonating with me, and I am feeling inspired, by the book and a plan to put the house on the market next month (!).


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