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March 23-29

(The photo is the Fisher Fine Arts Library at Penn–one of the most beautiful buildings on campus IMO.)

Vicious Circle 

Exactly as satisfying as every CJ Box book I’ve ever read–super. I read these on the Kindle days after they’re released and wait eagerly for the next one. Familiar characters; new twists on old threads of story; and gripping, thrilling events. I know what to expect in these, but I’m always surprised too.

The Arrangement

IMG_8177I loved this book more than I could have imagined I would. The story of a couple who steps into an open arrangement in their marriage explores in a  nuanced and plausible way the implications of the decision. In the context of their larger family, their community, and their ongoing family lives, the decision is believable, the agreement fascinating, and the plot development compelling.

I Liked My Life: A Novel

The tale of a mother’s apparent suicide, told from the perspective of her daughter, sister, husband, and ghost (I know, sounds crazy doesn’t it?) made me want to read everything this author has written. So I signed up for her newsletter. The book delves into families, feelings, and grief. The reflections on unappreciated mothering went on too long, I thought, but fit within the context of the story, and definitely resonated on different levels for me. The characters are realistic and likable in their humanity.


IMG_8178So, I was reading this for Canada Reads too. I’m not entirely finished it as of this writing, but I will carry on. Another futuristic story, it examines greater social issues through the lens of individuals seeking answers–and the ‘future’ seems pretty real, in a scary and detailed way.


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