Reading while traveling

March 16-22

I didn’t read too much this week, because I was exploring gorgeous Costa Rica. I expected to read on the plane, and in the car, and on the beach–but I was looking around instead, mostly. Not all bad.

What I did read, was:

The Orchardist

This is a beautiful story (and, for the record, a beautifully constructed physical book as well–gorgeous cover, pages, everything.) Set in the historic west, it follows the tale of an unexpected family group, developed when two girls mysteriously appear on a bachelor farmer’s land. There are villains, quiet heroes, and deep, interesting bonds developed over the course of the tale. I loved it.

The Break

This was a hard story to read, entirely due to the subject matter. A story told by, about, and for women, it explores a Metis community in northern Winnipeg. One girl experiences deep trauma, which appears to reflect or echo the lives of many women in her community really. Her family is involved in complex ways. This was  a Canada Reads book–and it was interesting to hear the comments about it during the discussions. A tough read, but worthwhile.

Back Blast

This one took me forever to read. It’s an interesting novel of its type, and was a good read for plane travel.

The Lost Woman

Part of a series featuring Louise Rick, a police detective, this novel held my interest with surprising but plausible plot twists, and engaging characters. I’d definitely read more in this series.



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