Heels over Head and the Right to Be Cold

March 9–March 15

Heels over Head was an Early Reviewer book from LibraryThing, and I enjoyed it. It was a quick read, and a good story. I’d tag this as a beach read. I liked the characters, and they seemed realistic to me.

The Right to Be Cold was a Canada Reads short list contender. It provided a whole lot of insight into life in Canada’s far northern reaches, and the challenges of stepping between the worlds of the north and the south. The author’s thematic tale of losing and then finding her own voice was interesting, and added dimension to the political and environmental stories of the changing north. I would not have read this if not for Canada Reads, but I was happy to learn some new things (for me) about Canada.

Can I just say, also, that I think Canada Reads is the best idea ever. I love it that people are so engaged in the discussion and debate; I love it that a country pays attention to books in this way; and I love the books I’ve read because of it. Phenomenal concept!



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