Canada Reads books: Part 1

March 2- March 8

On the Kindle, I started with Company Town, since it was most accessible from the US. As I started reading, I put in my order for the rest of the books, which arrived very quickly. Happily, I could read all the books at once, my favorite way to tackle the Canada Reads books!

I was delighted to find that Company Town is post-apocalyptic fiction, one of my favorite genres. The story was excellent, and the details of how lives might be enhanced by science not far into the future seemed entirely plausible, and fascinating. Plot twists were surprising, but believable, and I loved reading this whole book. After this one–I was hoping it would win the week. But I hadn’t read any of the others.

Next, I read Fifteen Dogs, also on the Kindle. An original take on the novel, this one follows the sometimes brief stories of 15 dogs who have been given the gift of language by some mischievous Gods. Brilliantly, this provides an opportunity to explore some philosophical questions about the meaning of life, defining happiness, and the role of consciousness and self-awareness in our lives. Can’t wait to hear the discussions on this one!

Stepped off the Canada Reads path to try Coffin Road, which I enjoyed immensely. A very satisfying thriller set on remote British islands, with bees, boats, and super twists.

I also read Behind Her Eyes, because I could download it on the Kindle when I ran out of other reading. I’m not sure what I think about it, to be honest. Lots of good, unexpected twists and turns, fascinating psychological insights, but I kept waiting for the ‘real life’ explanation, and it wasn’t that kind of book.


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