We All Looked Up + More

January 18-25

Mercury: A Novel, by Margot Livesay, was an interesting break from my other reading. The story, told from a husband’s perspective, illuminates a marriage gradually tearing apart because of the wife’s obsession with a horse at the stable where she works. I found the story compelling, the family interesting, and the insights into horse farm life appealing. There was so much foreshadowing before we got to the climatic event, I just wanted her to cut to the chase already.

The Sixth Idea is a murder mystery, part of a series, with an interesting conceptual base. I liked it enough to find out what happened, but since I haven’t followed the whole series, I was not entirely clear on the role of some players and groups, and how they had come into being.

Out of Bounds is a great mystery story, with details set in the past, but the story taking place in the present. The lead detective Karen Pirie is featured in Val McDermid’s series of books, and I enjoy following her life as a police detective. Details are good, twists in the story are good—and plausible, and I always want to find out how it ends. Hope there are lots more in this series.



We all Looked Up: This is exactly the kind of book I love—something catastrophic is going to happen to the entire earth, and we see how some group of people reacts to that. In this YA novel it’s a group of teens. I really enjoyed following their different paths as they grappled with their individual terrors, family and peer group relationships, and decisions, while the world moved towards disaster.

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