The Mothers and Other Awesome Women

January 5-11

This has been a great reading week. On Kindle I read The Mothers. I also read Margaret Coel’s Winter’s Child: A Wind River Mystery; The Woman in Cabin 10; and T.C. Boyle’s The Terranauts.

The Mothers, by Brit Bennet, was completely absorbing. It covers friendship, community, romance, love, and mothers, of course. Astonishing for a debut novel. It follows the story of the main character, whose mother killed herself early in the girl’s life, and her interactions with family, friends, and community beyond that day. Hope this author writes more.

Winter’s Child was a gripping mystery story set on an Arapahoe reservation. There are a few storylines—all are interesting, plausible, and deftly woven together. I’ll definitely be reading more in this series, for the setting, the characters, and the stories. The author is a historian; an informed perspective resonates through in making the setting and plot feel authentic and insightful. I felt empathy for even the most challenging characters, and genuine engagement in how an adoption storyline would conclude.

I enjoy T.C. Boyle’s work, and The Terranauts maintained my level of admiration. The story follows a fictional bio-dome, the people living inside it, and their team on the outside. It explores the character of the protagonists, and the tensions emerging as they experience two years living in an enclosed and fairly regulated community. A fascinating glimpse of humans under pressure.

The Woman in Cabin 10 was sitting at the check-in desk when I stopped by the library, so I asked to borrow it, even though it was the large print version (for some reason I hate those, although I’m sure I’ll come to love them as my eyesight changes!). I’ve seen this cover everywhere, and although I’m a bit skeptical about the rage for “Girl’-titled books, I was curious. This one was excellent. A twisting, turning mystery, with a likeable, fallible, narrator and interesting setting, this one kept me guessing, and interested, until the very end. An unexpected conclusion, which was a very pleasant surprise!

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